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Friday, 4 November 2011

Eidul Adha

Berkorban apa saja...Harta ataupun nyawa..

When we talk about eidul adha a.k.a hari raya haji, we will straight away thinking of meat or mutton
( am i too right??? lol )
well, the truth is, we are celebrating the sacrifices that our Nabi Ibrahim a.s had done in order to fulfill the Almighty Allah order, which is to kill @ slaughter his own son, Nabi Ismail a.s.
(i'm not sure about the detail) but it is basically about the sacrifices of both of them.

When discussing about sacrifacies, do we realise how much of that thing we actually done until now? 
what kind of donation that we already gave to the needs? 
 should we give our kindness to them?
does it worth it to help those kind of people?
this things will eventually come in on mind when we are to do something good.
(trust me, well, u know it too right?)
the thing is,

should we consider all the question when we are about to help them?

i tell u something that my best friend always said to me if i am to do something out of blue 

she says

don't care what other people said
no heart feeling
no turning back
as long as u 
remember Allah

until now, i still don't understand the last phase.. (~o~)

Now we as
are serving u an alternative way to help the need!
 to lend them our hand! to lighten their shoulder weight!
by selling u the pre-loved items that are 100% wearable and use-able!
the profit will go straight away to the needs! we will reveal you the organization that should receive your money later. 

but for now, we are begging u all to spread the love of our little kindness so that this medium can help us in telling the world how much your penny worth them all.
don't forget to follow us and like our fB page at this link.
and also, buy our items ya (^_^)!


  1. selamat hari raya..
    thanks singgah n follow blog saya..
    saya follow sini..
    ada buat korban ke tahun ni?