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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Glocal Entrepreneur

Assalamualaikum and good morning readers!

Its been a week since the previous entry, sorry for not updating this blog.
Well today, i'm not gonna post any new items for sale, but i wanna shared something that i found very interesting to tell you guys.
Yesterday, me and my friend attend this lecture about  (golbal+local) glocal entrepreneur.
Basically, the speaker were telling us on how to become a success businessman.
These are some characteristic that you need to develop in yourself  in order to be one!

  1. independent 
  2. creative and inovative
  3. comited
  4. risk taker
  5. communication skill
Sometimes, those characteristic might takes years for us to develop in ourselves, but for the lucky one, its already in you, you just need to polish it!
( if you don't try to be one, u never know right :) )
Most of the rich man in this world ( late steve jobs, bill gates, tony fernandes) had experienced fall in their life, before becoming what they are now.
Which means they are also an ordinary people who work extremely extraordinaire to success in their life!
But, after come to think of this again, do everyone need to fall out before becoming the GREATEST one? Personally,  i'm scared if i had to experience that! 

Every single person in this world had their rise and fall, its the matter of how you turn your life from nothing to everything.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Pre loved Evening Dress

Enough about the very good intention of us to run this social marketing .. Now, lets get into business!!

new pre loved dress ( baju kurung) for u guys to check out!

Kebaya  Pendek (size=48) (RM40) (Used only once) (Material=Indonesia silk)

Baju Kurung (size L) (RM20)(Material=china cotton)

Baju Kurung (size L) (RM20)(Material=china cotton)


Hurry all babes out there! don't miss this wonderful offering (*O*)

New post for you guys to check it out! These evening dress are custom made and can be wear by those girls who is a liltle bit plumpy,, (^^). the details as stated below:
code dress : Black Evening Dress

code : Gold Evening Dress

code : Purple Evening Dress

code : White Evening Dress

code : Baby Blue Kebaya

Size : 44-46 (except the gold dress, 42 and the baby blue kebaya, size s (29))

Postage fees are included in the price.

Custom made dress, if you want to ask anything, feel free to contact us or just leave comments! (^^)

Looking forward to hear from you all!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

KETUL Pre-Loved Books

Malay Love Story Novels for Sale!!

dear readers, we are now selling pre-loved novel !!  ['O'] whoaaa!!
Most of these novel belong to my sisters, but she is generous enough to lets go some of her favourites for you guys to own it next! (^_^)! do check it out!

For  more clear view (front novel cover), click on this link.

Here is the things guys, the novel are one piece only and we will entertain those who order first
 (first come,first serve) 
we already decided to sell each novel for only RM10 !! and furthermore the postage fee are free!!  
20%  of the money will go straight away to our donation bank!
Please give us your support !!

Novel tittle
Warna Hati
Meen Zulaikha
Tetamu Malam
Ismail Azman Omar
Fantasia Romantika
Rio Hermawan
Ada Cinta Di Hati
Emma Maizura
Mencari Abadi
Luqman Hakim
Tak Semanis Impian
Sharifah Abu Salim
Velentina Nervosa
Nurul Syahida
Setia Menanti
Fauziah Ashari
Makna Cinta
Maria Alina
Titipkan Aku Bahagia
Siti Rozilah
Kasih Antara Kita
Aleya Aneesa
Kau Tercipt Untukku
Shahriah Abdullah
Bukan Klon Bukan Duplikat
Haizal Najwa
Ada Cinta Di Matanya
Zuraidah Othman
Gerimis Rindu
Meen Zulaikha

For any question regarding this novel, feel free to contact us at
email : black_shash2k@yahoo.com
phone no: 019-2471322
or just leave a comment on this blog.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ketul Pre-Loved Blouse

 lovely blouse appropriate name for this blouse ... let's check this out dear ...

size S (available)
Price RM 20

size M (available)
Price RM 15

size M (available)
Price RM 20

To all our dearest current and future customers,,

happy shopping!!