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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Glocal Entrepreneur

Assalamualaikum and good morning readers!

Its been a week since the previous entry, sorry for not updating this blog.
Well today, i'm not gonna post any new items for sale, but i wanna shared something that i found very interesting to tell you guys.
Yesterday, me and my friend attend this lecture about  (golbal+local) glocal entrepreneur.
Basically, the speaker were telling us on how to become a success businessman.
These are some characteristic that you need to develop in yourself  in order to be one!

  1. independent 
  2. creative and inovative
  3. comited
  4. risk taker
  5. communication skill
Sometimes, those characteristic might takes years for us to develop in ourselves, but for the lucky one, its already in you, you just need to polish it!
( if you don't try to be one, u never know right :) )
Most of the rich man in this world ( late steve jobs, bill gates, tony fernandes) had experienced fall in their life, before becoming what they are now.
Which means they are also an ordinary people who work extremely extraordinaire to success in their life!
But, after come to think of this again, do everyone need to fall out before becoming the GREATEST one? Personally,  i'm scared if i had to experience that! 

Every single person in this world had their rise and fall, its the matter of how you turn your life from nothing to everything.

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