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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Social Marketing and Pre Loved Baju Kurung

Assalamualaikum and Hello you all (^^) !!

While doing my assignment just now, i come across my previous semesta notes about Social Marketing. It is the practice of utilizing the philosophy, tools, and practices of commercial marketing for health and/or social programs.

Social Marketing sells a behavior change to a targeted audience by :

  1.  accept a new behavior 
  2. reject a potential behavior
  3. modify a current behavior
  4. abandon an old behavior
( it is same as marketing concept except that it is not for profit)
Just by reading my writing above this, u might think ' what is it that this girls trying to tell us (?_?) '
.....its okey la.... I will simplify it for u..

Social Marketing is a marketing technique/tools such as advertisement or promotion that is basically trying to persuade customer to buy products BUT the money gain is not for profit of their own.. got it??? GOOD!

enough about the very good intention of us to run this social marketing .. Now, lets get into business!!

new pre loved dress ( baju kurung) for u guys to check out!

Kebaya  Pendek (size=48) (RM40) (Used only once) (Material=Indonesia silk)  

Baju Kurung (size L) (RM20)(Material=china cotton)

Baju Kurung (size L) (RM20)(Material=china cotton)


Hurry all babes out there! don't miss this wonderful offering (*O*)

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